Globalit edge is pioneer in technology development for its clients and customers. We have a team of strong 200 workforce. Global it edge believes in technology by Objectives, with this philosophy in mind the company has started the mission to provide best technology and support services to different clients and customers across the globe. We are a growing organization with clear vision and work philosophy so that we tap into wider markets across countries and various geographies. Low cost solutions and operational scalability are the two major benefits which most of the clients ask form their business partners and we are pioneer in both. We have delivered some of the typical and most complex projects for our clients.

The company has decided to invest in technology and has been helping clients to gain scalability in operations so be it a Education, Media, Technology or Business Process Management. We always make sure that our client gets the benefit by our solutions and services. We manage and deliver Projects from conceptionalization to final execution. We work on various domains like Product development, Application development or Managing Multiple Platform support services. Our on demand Product development is one of the most popular and preferred verticals among other. We mainly have four line of businesses Technology, Consulting, Software development and Business Process outsourcing. We provide 24/7 support services for all our clients and consumers.